Whole Grain (Multi- Grain)

Just like our white Flour (unbleached) and Wholemeal Flour, the Grain we use for our Daily Fresh Baked Multi-Grain Bread and Bread Rolls comes from an Australian Family Owned Flour Mill. http://benfurney.com/

The mixture of grains we currently use are:-Wheat, Triticale, linseed, Corn, Mung Beans, Rye, Soybeans, Chick Peas, Canola Oil (content may vary due to seasonal availability).

Although some of these grains are softened before we receive them, our process involves a further softening process.


We make our Sandwiches using Today’s Freshly Baked Bread.

Our regular Salad Sandwich has Fresh Iceberg Lettuce, Carrot, and Tomatoes (variety depending on season). Sliced Beetroot Cheese and either Sliced Ham (97% fat free), or Roast Chicken (chopped pieces).

Other choices are (Egg and Lettuce), (Curried Egg), (Chicken and Mayonnaise), (Ham and Cheese), (Ham, Cheese, and Tomato).

These are made and packed ready to go (unless you call in real early, we can then make one to suit your preference).

Want a different combination let us know what you would like to pre-order.

Having a function and would like a tray. Let us know at least a day before and we’ll only be happy to help.

White Bread, Multi Grain and Wholemeal are available on request.

NB: Sandwiches are normally only available on normal weekdays. Weekend orders by prior arrangement only.

Gluten Digested Bread

We  bake Gluten Digested products every other Wednesday and the alternate Saturdays .

Orders close at least 2 days prior to the collection day.

As well as the Breads, Fruit Buns, Cream (mock) Buns, Apple Pies (Family and small) are being baked.

Vanilla Slice, also our range of scones.

The Fruit Buns and Scones are ordered as a pack of six, the cream are in four packs.

Your choice of bread is not just limited to White Bread. Multi-Grain (pre softened grains), Wholemeal, Wholegrain, and Sourdough may be ordered also.

As well as Loaves, Bread Rolls (Lunch, Hamburger, or Hotdog)  may be ordered.

Not only are these products “Gluten Digested”, other “Food Intolerance’s” are addressed as well. All the product has been treated with accordance to, and with Biohawk’s cooperation and instruction.


Like our other bread products, we use Australian Flour that has not been chemically bleached. With Gluten Digested Breads we employ a more traditional technique (similar to sourdough), which allows the dough to “develop” naturally without adding improver .  The Fruits and Grains have also been treated to address a whole scope of food allergen reactions.

To those who aren’t sure what we are talking about.

Biohawk have developed a product that we can add to our Breads and Pastries.

It is made from natural ingredients

Do you want to know more about this Biohawk product? Click on this link http://www.biohawk.com.au/

Alternatively you can call in to any Malouf Pharmacy, and your sure to find personnel who can assist you with your needs for the range of Biohawk Products.


If you wish to place an order to be included in the next batch, you can contact us via our email address ”  pie_s@ozemail.com.au  ” .

Sorry I have not set a link up, but a simple cut and paste should do the job and use the reference “Gluten Digested”.

Or contact the Bakery to be put onto our “Text” contact list.

When you order products baked with this treatment:- Please also remember we are in Ipswich, Queensland and would be “pick up” from our store.

Please note: This product is not considered “Gluten Free”, if you have been medically diagnosed with Coeliac disorder this product may not be for you.

However you may find a FAQ sheet from another Bakery using Biohawk Products of interest. http://ishop.solbreads.com.au/t-easygest_faq.aspx