Vegemite Scroll

“It appears what was once a part of the “Aussie Staple Diet” may be starting to fade away.”

Well that was what we thought a couple of months back anyway. Its seems to be changing. We have had enough enquiries for us to give the old Cheesymite another go. Very timely as well considering around the same time it has been announced Bega Cheese is bringing the icon product back to Australian owned.

Our Vegemite Scroll is made using our Bread Dough, we would give it a coat of “Vegemite” and sprinkle “Aussie Jack” Cheese over it before rolling it into a scroll. Then another layer of melted cheese on top.

Its great that this little “Aussie Delight” may make a comeback. With your help, we can make 2017 the year of the “Cheesie Mite” or “Cheesy-Mite”.

Who knows with the help of this latest stouch.

How can “YOU” help. Just come in and ask if we have any “Cheesie Mites”.