Salad Rolls

We make our Salad Rolls using Today’s Freshly Baked Bread Rolls.

Using Fresh Iceberg Lettuce, Carrot, and Tomatoes (variety depending on season).

Sliced Beetroot, Cheese, and a choice of either Sliced Ham (97% fat free), or Roast Chicken (chopped pieces).

These are made and packed ready to go (unless you call in real early, we can then make one to suit your preference).

Having a function and would like a Tray. Let us know at least a day before and we’ll only be happy to help.

NB: Salad Rolls are normally only available on normal weekdays. Weekend orders by prior arrangement only.

Bread and Bread Rolls

So when you buy your loaf of “Fresh” Bread or Bread Rolls, do you ever ask yourself the question.

“Where was this loaf last night?”

Here’s some possible answers:

Was it already on the shelf in the store (for who knows how long).

In a Truck maybe coming from a warehouse or distribution centre.

Maybe thawing before being baked.

So then you start wonder “How Fresh is it really?”

Or “Well it must be fresh otherwise a preservative would need to be added to keep it “Fresh”, How do they do get it to last if they claim its preservative free”

If you care enough, you can find those answers online how this can be done without adding to the dough.

There is an alternative to ensure the Bread you get is freshly made.

By time most people in our Town are in bed, our Bread, Bread Rolls and Buns are still just flour in a bag.

This means the loaf of Bread, Bread Rolls, or BunsĀ  you buy in the morning are less than 24 hours old.

So next time you buy a Bread Product ask yourself “How Fresh is this Bread, and how much longer will it still be palatable.

What Flour do we use?

The Flour we use is unbleached and made from Australian grain.

Our Flour comes from an Australian and Family owned flour mill.