Allergen Digested Pastries

This week (26th of July 2017) we doing batches of Sausage Rolls, Chunky Beef (plain), Lamb (mint & rosemary), Pork Pies, Chicken & Vegetables, Apple Pies, and Apple Turnovers. All baked with a treatments of “Biohawks Bake-Aid and Relief”.

We can do them in either the regular size or as a Family size Pie.

Batch sizes are limited, so please place your orders by close of trade (4.30pm 24th of July).

Want to bake something using Biohawk treated Puff Pastry with your own filling? Give us a call and talk to us about that.

The product will only be available until close of shop on Thursday 27th of July.

If you want to be alerted when we are doing our next batch (so you don’t miss out) you can contact us via our email address “” . Sorry I have not set a link up, but a simple cut and paste should do the job and use the reference “Gluten Digested”.

When you order products baked with this treatment:- Please also remember we are in Ipswich, Queensland and would be “pick up” from our store.

Please note this treatment does not make the product “Gluten Free”. Gluten is still present, this treatment may change the way your body reacts to gluten.

To those who aren’t sure what we are talking about.

Biohawk have developed a product that we can add to our Breads and Pastries that may aid you with digestion of wheat products and other food allergens.

It is made from natural ingredients.
Do you want to know more?

To save repeating what is already out there on the web about this subject we suggest you do some research about it.

If you do a internet search “Biohawk Ginger” you will find the additive we currently can add to our baked goods. Or just give the links below  a double click.

Alternatively you can call in to any Malouf Pharmacy, and your sure to find personnel who can assist you with your needs for the range of Biohawk Products.

Additionally the link below refers to a recent study.