Biohawk Digestaway Food Intolerance

Well its not only Bread products that we can offer “Gluten Digested”.

To be more enlightening when we are using the “Biohawk” Treatment of “Biohawk Bake Aid” and “Biohawk Relief” in our product, we are also addressing a variety of other food intolerance’s. (If you wish to know more, please refer to both of these Biohawk web page links).

Batch’s of Pies and Sausage Rolls are periodically done.

Our Ginger Bread recipe (and the icing is treated as well )includes this treatment, so if you want to try a tester, (these are nearly always in stock).

Also our variety of Scones may be ordered.

With the Scones, we offer a choice of, Plain, Sultana, Date, and Pumpkin Flavour.

(Our normal shop size scone is made with a 65mm cutter and a minimum 6 per flavour per order).

If you wish your order to be included in the next batch or notified when we are baking our nexr batch of product, you can contact us via our email address ”   ” .

Sorry I have not set a link up, but a simple cut and paste should do the job and use the reference “Gluten Digested”.

When you order products baked with this treatment:- Please also remember we are in Ipswich, Queensland and would be “pick up” from our store.

Please note this treatment does not make the product “Gluten Free”. Gluten is still present, this treatment may change the way your body reacts to gluten.