Sunday Trading

Yes that’s right. If you are looking for a Bakery that is openĀ  Sunday’s (or Saturday for that matter) in Ipswich, Queensland (QLD).

Our trading hours are 7am to 1.30pm both Saturday and Sunday.

The only Sunday’s we are closed are Easter Sunday and the Sundays directly after Christmas Day and up to when school resumes in the new year. or if a Public holiday happens to fall on a Sunday.

Cold Drinks and Hot Foods

Along with the variety of Baked Foods we offer, it nearly goes without saying, that we also offer a selection of Cold Drinks.

As well as Soft drinks and Energy Drinks, we also have a selection of Dairy Farmers Milk Drinks, Fruit Drinks and Juices.

If we don’t have your preferred brand or flavour, perhaps the neighboring “Friendly Grocer” will.

Perhaps you want a Pie or Sausage Roll, but someone else wants a Burger, or Fish and Chips. That’s OK, “Uncle Bill’s Takeaway” is close by as well.

Free Wi-Fi

That’s right!

For all who are out and about and need to be connected, we have free Wi-Fi available at our Jacaranda Street Store.

A reasonable ADSL speed (6Mbps+), and no secret passwords.

It’s just as easy as a few of clicks, and your surfing the net.



NB:50mb daily Data limit may apply.