Cold Drinks and Hot Foods

Along with the variety of Baked Foods we offer, it nearly goes without saying, that we also offer a selection of Cold Drinks.

As well as Soft drinks and Energy Drinks, we also have a selection of Dairy Farmers Milk Drinks, Fruit Drinks and Juices.

If we don’t have your preferred brand or flavour, perhaps the neighboring “Friendly Grocer” will.

Perhaps you want a Pie or Sausage Roll, but someone else wants a Burger, or Fish and Chips. That’s OK, “Uncle Bill’s Takeaway” is close by as well.

Free Wi-Fi

That’s right!

For all who are out and about and need to be connected, we have free Wi-Fi available at our Jacaranda Street Store.

A reasonable ADSL speed (6Mbps+), and no secret passwords.

It’s just as easy as a few of clicks, and your surfing the net.



NB:50mb daily Data limit may apply.